R.I.P Muhammed Ali

October 18, 2016

So, we lost a living legend yesterday with the passing of Muhammed Ali. A boxer who we all recognize as the Greatest of All time in his field. This field is one that captivates the world, and he thrust himself into the thoughts and minds of generations that never saw him live with recognition of his greatness in the ring. That in itself it iconic. As we all know, man was so much more than a boxer. He was a fighter in every sense of the word.

Ali was unafraid, but well versed in understanding his platform and how to accomplish real change that was needed. He spoke his mind and his views were incendiary and uncomfortable for many leaving him vulnerable to criticism and being outcast. To this reaction, Ali stood firm as he understood he had to get in line with everyone else who had stepped forward to change the course of history.

It is my view that being leadership is about many things, and real leaders step forward when their God says they’re ready and history says it’s time to do so. Ali was one of the few that have transcended time and imprinted on all of us in a way that makes every one of us smile and take heed.

My savior Jesus Christ teaches that leaders are made trough trials, public opposition, vulnerability, and strength to withstand all the voices whispering at you that you can’t handle it, you’re not good enough, and that you will fail. Ali exemplified all of that, with much of today’s world learning from his as he battled the crippling disease of Parkinson’s for 32 years. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to observe his life for the time that I did, and to learn from him what strength truly means. My father is someone who taught me to appreciate the past to create a better future, and Ali did exactly that.

There are many quotes of his that people recite and smile. For me, there are two that stand out from the others:

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee Aaaaaggghh!!! Rumble young man, rumble!”

“I ain’t scared of ya, I ain’t scared of ya!!”

For me, those two hit home. They connect with my own life.

While it is true the champ isn’t walking among us, he isn’t dead and we haven’t lost him. Remember he’s a legend in every form, and




RIP Champ. And thanks.

Jeremy Booth.

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