Our Mission Is Clear

Program 15 strives to enhance the select baseball experience and recruiting process through step-by-step and age-specific player development. We properly build players through maximizing their abilities, and we help them to achieve their dreams and goals in baseball after high school.

What We Do

Program 15 was developed with the idea of quieting the noise and navigating the paths of proper instruction and development for all youth players with aspirations of playing baseball beyond high school. Through open communication and feedback, we are able to develop personalized development plans for each player.

Our team evaluates each player and implements additional development options as the player grows and improves. The Program 15 staff also consults with each family and player at the beginning and end of each calendar season to communicate all information and progress. We go to great lengths to suggest the correct level of higher baseball for each player, with the goal of focusing his family’s financial resources within the proper areas.

Currently, Program 15 works directly with travel baseball programs with a similar vision. That being said, we do offer individual development plans for interested players. Program 15 is headquartered in Houston with a branch in Boston, so don’t delay. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives today.